Teachers’ comments

Mr Josh Shore (New Zealand) Chongqing Metropolitan College of Science and Technology 2023-2024

The service provided by CCES was faultless. Everything from the hiring stages through to living and working in China was done with friendliness and professionalism, and the support provided was great! I would happily use CCES again, and recommend its services to other teachers.

The school has been very good! The support and working environment are wonderful. One small thing I would suggest is that the teachers apartments should be furnished with things like bedding, a fridge, washing machine, and TV before the teachers arrive. This is not a complaint! As I mentioned, the support and working environment have been wonderful, and I'm very happy here. It's just a suggestion to make the transition to China easier for future foreign teachers. I think bedding is especially important, as many foreign teachers would have just finished traveling a very long distance when they arrive, and will often be very tired.

Mr. Mike Cairnduff (Australian) Longdong University 2023-2024

I love your personalised service, and you're always quick to respond. I also like the fact that you have the Hong Kong 'sensibility' which means you can understand both the Western perspective and the mainland Chinese perspective.
I'm enjoying my time at the school. The apartment is spacious. Everyone is friendly. Students are very shy and are often afraid to talk, but I expected this. I'm currently teaching 18 hours per week, which is more than I agreed per my contract. The school has advised that I will teach 14 hours next semester, to balance it out. I expect the school to honour their promise.

Ms. Maggie Hilton (USA)  Jilin Agricultural University 2021-2022

Once again you have been amazing to work with. I love my new school JAU and so far so good. Thanks for all your support, kindness, patience and understanding when working with me. 

Dr. Benjamin Sherlock (Irish) University of Science & Technology of China- online teaching 2021-2022 

All communication has been both timely and useful from CCES. Thank you. 

Likewise, the University have been very helpful, supportive and accommodating. No problems at all.

Mr. Ivaylo Tassev (Bulgarian) Qufu Normal University 2021-2022

I think China Connection is doing a very good job in helping foreigners to find work in China. You are professionals and you do things fast. Sometimes it takes time and is not easy but I think your services are of high quality. I definitely want to keep in touch with you in the future.

Regarding Qufu Normal University, I am happy here. The administration treats me very well and they organized a banquet for the New Year in December. 
They are fine and I am teaching Cross Cultural Communication to Business English majors and Translation majors. They are at a high level and aim for the best marks possible. I enjoy my life here and we will keep in touch! 

Dr. Angela ABD (U.S.A.) University of Science & Technology of China 2020-2021

Helen, and this education service company, have been wonderful. I found the entire process to be professional and very helpful.  

I absolutely love my school, USTC. It is a fantastic school, and I enjoy working and living here. I hope to work here for many years.

Mr. Oscar (Spanish) Fuzhou University of International Studies & Trade 2020-2021

CCES is very professional and gives great support in every matter.

FUIST is a good university which offers me a great professional career.

It has a nice natural environmental place which is good to develop teaching progress.

Mr. Sonny  (U.K.) University of  Science & Technology of China 2020-2021

Everything involving my communication with your agency and also USTC was handled very professionally. I have no suggestions for improvement other than to say, keep up your high standards. In fact, I have recommended your agency to others.

Mr. Victor  (U.S.A.) Anhui Normal University

Helen was fantastic! She did an OUTSTANDING job keeping the lines of communication open, answering my questions, quelling my concerns, and helping the transition go smoothly. If I decide to look for another University position in the future, she will be the first person I contact.

My current position, at Anhui Normal University, is fantastic in a dozen ways. My schedule is wonderful. The Campus is beautiful. Class sizes are relatively small. My students are eager to learn, very motivated. Wuhu is a great city in many ways. The teachers and support staff have devoted themselves to making my time here fantastic.

If you have never lived in China, there are many challenges, but from my perspective, if you come here to be an excellent teacher, to work hard to help your students grow as English speakers, then China is an outstanding place to be.

Ms. Sameisha  (U.S.A.) Wannan Medical University 2020-2021

I don't have any complaints or suggestions. Everything has been great. You have been amazing throughout the recruiting process.

Ms. Ann  (U.S.A.) Qufu Normal University 2020-2021

Thank you Helen! I am very grateful for all your work to help me be placed here! I very much enjoy the opportunity to still be teaching here, in Qufu. I have been extremely happy here! So grateful to still be able to work and at such a lovely place!

Thank you for making this a big success story!

Mr.John Nolan (Irish) Ezhou Polytechnic University 2020-2021

My recruitment process with CCES was quite smooth because I applied for several positions at the same time but we focused on the one university in a town I had been to previously and which I knew well and liked  and what was attractive as well was that the university in that town was also paying the highest salary of the universities recruiting through the agency. I already had an offer from another province and CCES made clear to the university what my other offer was so that they were aware what salary I would be looking for and they indeed matched my requirement. Following the interview the offer of a job from CCES's client in was made quickly and I accepted it. After this we started on submitting the application for the new work permit and there were a few problems and delays with this due to the corona virus epidemic and lockdown in Hubei but we resolved these with the cooperation between myself, the agency-CCES, and the university.

The university is a pleasant campus in a scenic area in Hubei and I am looking forward to enjoying campus teaching in September when the students are hopefully going to return for classroom lessons. In the meantime I can recommend any teacher looking for teaching opportunities in Chinese universities to make their application through CCES and they can benefit from their recruiting relationships with many Chinese universities and their expertise in managing the recruitment process. 

Mr. Stephen Ronto (USA) Jilin University of Finance & Economics 2020-2021

Comment/Suggestion to CCES: Overall better than expect due to the rapid progression of the application process, clear communication, and end-result of having being employed with a desirable employer.  As a suggestion, CCES need more recognition among potential foreign education & teaching experts.   This means with broader exposure (e.g. marketing and advertising) to those qualified international educators who have an interest in teaching in higher-education in China, CCES can expand it's recruitment pool and offer a larger quantity and higher quality of teacher to China university network.

Comment to my current employer JLUFE:  So far so good. The faculty and staff have been most welcoming and accommodating to my needs.

Mr. Todd ( U.S.A. ) Hainan Medical University (HMU) 2017-2019

I definitely appreciate your help and checking in on me. I've had a good 2 years here at HMU and decided to move on to a new place. 

Thanks again for all the help and I will definitely use your service in the future when looking for another position.

Ms. Shana ( U.S.A. ) Huainan Normal University 2018-2019

The help I received from the company was invaluable. It was my first time teaching abroad and going through the visa process, so I had many questions and concerns, but I was helped throughout the process. 

Mr. Scott(U.S.A.)International school Shenzhen IPTC  2017-2018 

Thank you for putting me in contact with CIPTC in Shenzhen. Yes, I will be renewing with my school.  If, in the future, I end up deciding to change to another province in China, I will certainly let you know. 

Thanks again!

Mr. Jacob(USA)Tarim University  2016-2017

My name is Jacob Lockhart. I was placed at Tarim University last year for one semester per our contract.  I really think that you did a great job. The application process was clear and simple. All expectations were clearly outlined. 

I did have a small issue communicating with my intended school because I normally use email, not Skype.  

Other than this, keep up the great work!

Mr. Marc (U.S.A) Qufu Normal University  2015-2016

I would say that the treatment and services that my wife and I have received from CCES have been excellent. The staff has been very supportive and they respond to our emails in a timely manner. I think the only thing that I could say that would need to be improved on is that we were told our classes would be 45 minutes each but they turned out to be 50 minutes each.We are happy with how CCES has been very supportive of us.

Thank you

Marc and Lara 


Andrew (U.S.A.) Dahua Training Centre (Huizhiu) 2014-2015

Dahua has been very helpful in providing a comfortable experience teaching in China.  My coworkers are friendly and helpful, and have made the transition to China very easy for me.  They even offered to help me find a closer apartment to the school that I teach at, because the school is very far and there are no buses available . I am very thankful for all the kind people I have I met at Dahua. Hualougeng is a very nice school with decent facilities.  The other teachers have been very helpful in providing assistance for the international teaching program.  Most of the students are enthusiastic and teaching has been fun.  The scheduling has been a bit confusing, but the staff has been very helpful in keeping me updated. 


Mr. Macky (U.S.A.)- Nanjing Agricultural University 2014-2015
I was very pleased with the job arrangement. I thought CCES was very professional, and I couldn't have asked for better help. In addition, Nanjing Agricultural University is a much desired job for me. I like the administration, the students, my fellow teachers, and the campus very much. Nanjing seems to be a safe city with so much culture and history. I am enjoying my new job, and I owe you much thanks and gratitude. Thank you for helping me find this job. I am having a truly wonderful experience.


Brian (U.K.)-Institute of Disaster Prevention 2014-2015
Just to let you know that the conditions here are excellent. They have honoured the contract in terms of accommodation, facilities, etc.I am happy to be here and grateful to you for finding me this position.Thank you once again!


Katherine and Cory (U.S.A.)- Chongqing University 2014-2015

Cory and I arrived in Chongqing and are starting our classes today.  We have already had some wonderful conversations and experiences here, and are enjoying the view and environment here.I will let you know when we get settled and inform you on how everything is going.


Mr.Jason(U.S.A.)-Qufu Normal University 2013-2014

I've written this recommendation of your work to share with other LinkedIn users.

Details of the Recommendation: 'Despite my initial skepticism about using an agency, I sent an application to China Connection in case they knew of any opportunities that I wasn't able to find on my own through the job postings on Dave's eslcafe and other similar sites. I am so glad I did!

After reviewing my resume and credentials, Helen at China Connection conducted a phone interview with me to find out about my job preferences. Within 48 hours she forwarded THREE job offers from different universities that were interested in hiring me (none of which were listed on eslcafe). The offers were based on my resume and experience, and included copies of contracts so that I could review the details of what was expected of me at each institution.

I was thrilled with the options, but was uncertain which school was the best fit for me. Helen arranged to speak with me on the phone again to find out more about what I was looking for in my move to China. Based on what I told her (I wanted a solid introduction to culture, Chinese tradition, the Mandarin language), she made an insightful and sensitive recommendation. The school she helped me select turned out to be exactly what I was looking for. I couldn't be happier with my choice!

Any time I had questions during the process of visa application, travel arrangements, or signing the contract with my selected university, Helen at China Connection quickly responded to my emails. She frequently checked in with me during my travel from Nashville to Qufu, and a week after my arrival she followed up again to make sure I was satisfied with my new job, supervisors, accommodations, etc.. She was thoughtful and thorough during the entire process.

After five months teaching at my current university I have decided that I'll probably stay here a second year. Maybe longer if they'll have me. Should the time comes when I want to experience a different part of China, I will definitely refer to China Connection again for their guidance, insight, and support.'


Ms.Natalie(U.S.A.)-Hainan Medical University 2013-2014

I was very pleased with China Connection both the professionalism and in answering all of my questions.  I am currently working at Hainan Medical University and enjoy it very much.


Mr. Joe (U.S.A.)-Wannan Medical University 2013-2014

CCES was great to work with.  I provided them with a list of qualities I was interested in when choosing a university to teach at in China and Helen quickly gave me a list of schools that fit my criteria.  Helen was a joy to work with and she has continued following up with me.  I would highly suggest using CCES for any of your job placement needs.  I will certainly use CCES again.

Wannan is a good school to teach.  The only negative is that it is a medical college, so none of the students are English majors so it can be challenging at times, but the students are very interested.  The staff, including my boss, is wonderful to work with.  Work schedule can be challenging at times because of repetition, but it can be overcome.


Mr. Shawn (USA) Qufu Normal University 2013-2014

“I just wanted to write and say thank you! You were a great help to me and I really appreciate it. I am settling in nicely. I like Qufu a lot. I prefer this setting to big cities--I feel much more immersed in the culture here than in Busan. There are some very beautiful tranquil areas. Also, I love the market and the street food! I think Jason likes it very much as well--we became fast friends.

Anyway, take care and thanks again! I will be happy to recommend you to others as a super recruiter”


Ms. Elena (Romania) Dahua Training Centre 2013-2014

I'm very pleased with the company’s' services. You are trust worthy and reliable. Perfect communication between the teacher and the company. Very helpful. I.m a young woman from Romania, coming all the way to China by myself. I had my doubts but you made it all go away with your prompt e-mail answers and immediate help and support. I.m thankful that I.ve found such a professional team.

Very helpful and welcoming staff. Great accomodation (modern, clean and close to school). So far so good!


Ms.Angela (New Zealand) Zhongyuan University of Technology 2012-2013
I found the service you provided Helen, very professional and efficient. I especially like how you answered all of my many questions individually. thanks for a great job.
I have been very happy with the university and all of the things listed in the contract have been fulfilled so far. I would have liked more information about what was required in the job before I arrived as I didn't really know what kind of resources to bring with me. Other than that I was very happy to be offered a short term assignment.


Ms. Cynthia (Canada) Anhui University of Traditional Chinese Medicine 2012-2013

I have been very satisfied with the service and assistance that I received from you. I will recommend your company to other English Second Language teachers who are interested in working in China.

This is the only comment about my school that I have. The staff have have been very helpful and considerate and I enjoy working with them.


Mr. Mike (Australia) Three Gorges University 2012-2013
Helen, your assistance throughout the recruitment process was excellent. You were always logged into QQ and you answered all of my(many) questions, you responded to my emails very quickly and professionally. Well done!

I've had an outstanding time at Three Gorges University and highly recommend it to prospective teachers. The living conditions are excellent, teachers are friendly, location is good. I guess the only 'negative' is the salary in relation to other schools in China, but I wouldn't change it for the world. I'm quite happy to have excellent conditions and a slightly lower salary. After all, I am here for the cultural experience, not the money. If I wanted money I would stay in Australia.


Ms. Aine (Irland) Wuhan Technical College of Communications Wuhan2012
I just want to email you with my sincere thanks for all of your help finding me my placement in Wuhan. I arrived here last Wednesday and started teaching my first classes this week. From the moment I arrived I have felt like an honored guest, the college is wonderful, the students are amazing and I feel so at home already. I am really looking forward to my time here and I cannot thank you enough for all of your hard work. Without you it would never have happened.


Ms. Lana, Huazhong University of Science & Technology2011-2012

First of all I would like to thank CCES for support and extremely good service. When I came to China, I had a lot of questions as I had a little knowledge about all the procedures here, Your answers and provided information were really useful, so I enjoyed cooperating with You. The organization also seems to spend a lot of time doing whatever they can to help with the interview process with your potential new boss. It is also worth pointing out that huge assistance was also provided to ensure a smooth relocation and job transition. As a suggestion I would recommend You to check the requirements of Visa Offices for the visa applicants from time to time, as I've understood that there are several changes made there from time to time.

Huazhong University of Science and Technology is the best University ever! Not just because of the friendly and easy-going students and teachers but also because of the friendly educational environment they have created. I really enjoy working here, for me it is a great experience.


Dahua Training Centre (Huizhou) 2011-2012

Henry (QTS Certified teacher by UK Government, CELTA) : Good staff team and very supportive management. Good support for learning Chinese. Good flat and very close to the school

Penny (Cambridge CELTA with teaching experience in UK, Hong Kong, Thailand, Mainland China): Everyone at Dahua is very friendly and supportive. I have been provided with a comfortable and spacious apartment within very close proximity to the school which is so convenient

Ron (TESOL, BA and MA): Good study materials with different activities such as table manner parties

Tim (12 years experience of teaching in Korea): The apartments are modern and spacious. The apartments in Korea are much smaller


Mr. Tim (Canadian) Kid Castle Harbin, Heilongjiang Province 2010-2011

You are doing a great job and I appreciate everything you have done for me


Mr. Lee Lowry (U.S.A.)Fujian International Business & Economics College2010-2011

We are already here at FuZhou. Everything is fine here. Thank you very much for everything.


Cal (UK)Jianghan University, Wuhan 2009-2010

I registered with your agency in February and you immediately found me a job teaching English in Jianghan University, Wuhan. I am now coming to the end of my contract here and, thanks to your excellent service last time, would like your help in finding another job. I will, however, consider any position you may have available in either of these locations. I will be available to begin work from mid-August. Thanks for your help.


James(UK)Ezhou Vocational University 2009-2010

“You guys are brilliant- you helped me find the job, made sure I got here ok and that everything was ok when I did, plus you were very kind to us and helped us get our visas when we had to come back to Hong Kong. So I couldn't ask for much more from you guys!”


Sarah Holbrook(UK)Xishui No.1 Middle School 2009-2010

I thought the care provided prior from China Connection Education Service to going to China and returning was very good. The staff were very helpful, especially Helen. I'd like to take this opportunity to thank China Connection and Xishui No.1 Middle School for the very valuable experience that they provided me with and I wish them all the best for the future.


Kelly (UK)and David (Irland) Xi'an G. Intl.English School 2009-2010

Me and David are getting on very well thank you, and enjoying our time here, and thanks for all your help with setting it up for us, we had no problems with the placement service at all.


Rayner Johnston (Irland) - China International Language Centre (CILC)

'I think Huizhou is a wonderful city and that whoever teaches the children after me, will be very lucky indeed.'

Jalal Afhim (U.K.)-2007 Animated English Summer Camp for 'Left-behind' Children of Rural Migrant

'I enjoyed the summer camp and found the other staff to be agreeable . The variety of activities was impressive and so the children seemed happy and were pleasant to teach on the whole '


Adriana(UK)-2007 Animated English Summer Camp for 'Left-behind' Children of Rural Migrant

'Everything was excellent. The kids were great. I would like to thank Tracy ,Helen for helping us and working things run smoothly. I would also like to thank the teacher assistants and everyone else who helped our students. Thanks You! '


Beth Malone(USA)- China International Language Centre (CILC) - Huizhou

My experience with CILC has been incredibly satisfying. I was always well taken care of, which is so important when you put yourself in a new environment with such a contrasting culture then the one you're used to. The Hong Kong staff, as well as, the Huizhou staff, are not only my friends but also my family. I would not hesitate to go back and work in Huizhou, or in any other language center or school they placed me in. Everyone always listened whole-heartedly to any worries I had, and would immediately comfort me and help me in any way. They went out of their way on several occasions to offer me assistance. I went on a month vacation after leaving China and they let me keep ALL of my luggage in the Hong Kong office. They also took me on several paid vacations, which really made my stay much more enjoyable. I have 100% respect for everyone I worked for and would recommend this company to anyone looking for this type of opportunity.


Sonia Ahsan(USA)- Huizhou No.8 Middle School

“The China Connection Education Service has been tremendously helpful to me from my arrival to China to my stay in China. They have followed up with me constantly making sure I was settled in. My teaching experience in China has been really wonderful because of them. The school chosen by China Connection is a perfect fit for me. It is exactly the kind of teaching environment that I needed and wanted and came to China for. Candy and Martin from China Connection have especially been extremely helpful in straightening out every little details so things have been running very smoothly for me. I feel lucky to have used their service to get a a teaching position for China. They came to pick me up from the airport and escorted me all the way to my school. They even came the same week to make sure everything was working well with the school and me and that the contract was being followed. China Connection is not just another hiring agency. It is more than that. It is a group of people who are enthusiastic about their jobs and are actively involved in the lives of the teachers that they hired. I was told before I came by Candy that they will not “abandon” their teachers after the teachers start working at their school. This has fortunately turned out to be true. In this case not only me as a foreign teacher but the school where I teach has been very lucky to be associated with China Connection. We have been exposed to wonderful new opportunities such as the Winter Camp in Hong Kong because of them.

To put it simply the working with China Connection is a wonderful opportunity not just to get excellent teaching experience but also to make equally wonderful friends. It provides a platform to learn about China in a friendly and comfortable way.


Felicity Devitt(Australia)- Xian Siyuan Vocational University

“Hi Mr Yau,

I found the placement service of China Connection Education Service recruiting company to be very fast and efficient. I arrived in China to begin my 6 months contract just two weeks after being offered the position at Siyuan University, Xi’an.

Yours sincerely, Felicity Devitt, Australia


Alec Forsyth(UK)- Mansfield Manufacturing Co Ltd

“I found the China Connection Education Service service to be reassuringly competent and thorough from the first contact right up until the final payment. I was impressed by the friendly, efficient staff and the professional, helpful service. No complaints whatsoever!”


Stephen Gray(Canada)- Mansfield Manufacturing Co Ltd

“I found the service of China Connection Education Service (CCES) to be friendly and professional. I won’t hesitate to use them again. Their honesty and their peronsal interest was a pleasure and relief. My experience in the past has made me to question such services, but CCES proved to be a safer bet.”