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The TEFL in China training program

Terms and Conditions

Submit an application with your basic information and of reasons for joining the course.

Before you take the training, there are some basic rules we would like you to follow.

1. English Language Proficiency - In order to enroll in a TEFL in China course, you must have a level of English proficiency that enables you to follow the program and successfully complete the course.

2. Trainees must attend the full training in order to pass the examination. If a trainee fails to show up for one or more parts of the session, he/she would probably fail the entire course.

3. It is possible and FREE for trainees to change their course location and/or session date 30 days prior to the beginning of their session. Changes made within 30 days before the beginning of a session are non-refundable. Tuition may not be applied to subsequent training programs.

4. To run the course, a minimum number of trainees are required. In the event that too few trainees have enrolled in a course, those who have made payment are entitled to receive a full refund, or may transfer to another date or location of the training.

5. For cancellations made more than 30 days prior to the start of the training program, a full refund will be available for trainees. With cancellations made less than 30 days prior to the start of a training program, no refunds will be available. The reason for this is that we have fixed costs which have to be paid in advance and are based on a specific number of course members in the group. In order to maintain a high-quality training program at a reasonable cost, we have to be strict about registration fees during the 30 days that lead up to each session.

6. No refunds will be made to trainees who fail the course, regardless of the reasons. Reasons for failing a trainee include, but are not limited to: not demonstrating an understanding of the fundamentals of teaching English as a foreign language, not having sufficient proficiency in English, not attending all or parts of the course, falling to create lesson plans, and not taking into consideration recommendations from the trainer or peers for improvement.

7. Should you fail to pass the course assessment during the training, academic assistance from the trainer is available and you may take a FREE make-up examination. Should you fail the make-up examination, you would need to pay additional costs to cover further assessment (RMB300 yuan for each further assessment).

8.The tuition can be used up to one year from the payment date. The balance of the course fee must be paid via bank transfer in China. Please contact the course organizer in advance if you wish to arrange payment. I have read and agree with the Terms and Conditions.