Mark Karon

I'm Mark Karon, one of TEFL in China trainers. I earned my BA degree in Linguistics from Portland State University, USA in 2000. I have over 8 years of international teaching experience throughout China. The purpose of this seven-day program is to offer a primer about the working environment in China, characteristics of Chinese students, general language teaching methodology, and lots of opportunities for participants to practice teaching in a supportive environment with feedback from the trainer as well as other participants who will alternately play the roles of ESL students.


Jeff Jolly

My name is Jeff Jolly.I earned a BA in Linguistics from California State University Dominguez Hills in 1994, received an MS in TESOL from California State University Fullerton in 1997. All of these degrees have bestowed upon me both a pragmatic and artistic understanding of and appreciation for the English language.
In terms of teaching experience, I have been spent the past nineteen years tutoring non-native-speaking teenagers, helping them overcome not only the linguistic and academic challenges they face as immigrants but also the cultural ones. It's an honor that I can enroll in the TEFL in China program from SAFEA.The teams are young, passion and enthusiastic.


Chuck Allanson

Hi,My name is Chuck Allanson. I'm honored to be invited to be a trainer for TEFL in China training program for foreign teachers in China.I bring to the program more than 19 years experience teaching all the tertiary level both in the U.S. and in China. Twelve of those years have been spent teaching in Chinese unviersities and colleges.I have lots of experience with Chinese learners of English and the difficulties they face in acquiring English skills.Teaching in China is unique and requires specialized skills and approaches.For the last 8 years, I have been heavily involved with teacher training for Chinese English teachers at the middle school and college level which has given me the perspective from Chinese teachers' view points.I look forward to sharing what I know and what I've learned with relative English-speaking teachers about to embark on their China adventure.


Janice Schick

Hello, I'm Janice Schick, and I will be your instructor for the SAFEA course, 'TEFL in China'. Even before graduating from the University of Minnesota with a degree in Education, I was a teacher in community programs for children. In fact, I have been a teacher all my life, and I love this job! Since coming to China, I have taught English to students from age five through university to professional adults. Both for SAFEA and for the ChaoYang School District, I have done teacher
training for local teachers in primary and middle schools. I understand how to get the job done with Chinese students, co-workers, and assistants. The 'TEFL in China' program is a wonderful way for foreigners to gain their accreditation. Because they will learn the foundations of ESL teaching in a real Chinese context, with instructors who know how what works in the local school environment. As well as covering the basic skills needed to plan, prepare, and deliver quality lessons, this course will give you many ideas for making your classes more interactive and effective. Whether you are new to teaching or an experienced teacher looking for formal credentials, you benefit from this course. You will take home more than a certificate; you will take home a whole collection of new tools.