Chinese policy making things more convenient

The Chinese government office that coordinates the use of talented personnel has announced more favorable policies for those from overseas, especially in areas that were previously only accessible to people under the Global Expert Recruitment Program, as a way to introduce more high-level foreign talent.
For example, a recent notice from the Party Central Committee organization dept, the Human Resource and Social Security Ministry, and the State Foreign Expert Affairs Administration on more convenient visa and residence permits for foreign talent covered by 55 ministerial and province-level talent introduction plans, including the Beijing overseas talent program.

The deputy head of Beijing’s talent division, Fang Yougang, explains that any foreigners covered by those 55 plans and their families can qualify for a talent visa or permanent residence permit and more convenient exit-entry, work and living services, which makes office work clearer and easier, with better services for top foreign talent and attracting more talent at different levels by using practices that are more common overseas for stronger talent team development.

This can also remove technical roadblocks more quickly and improve R&D at a time when international talent competition is getting so fierce that many developed countries are developing new talent strategies, for example with immigration reforms, to attract talented personnel. The central government has introduced many important approaches to attracting talent since the 2012 Congress, with the emphasis on openness. This latest effort is part of a larger move to address exit-entry issues and the treatment of top foreign talent.
The move provides institutional assurance to overseas personnel who are badly needed for China's transformation and development, such as the treatment of foreigners who stay in China permanently. The Foreign Ministry, Public Security Ministry, and other departments are pushing special talent visas under the Exit and Entry Administration Law and related regulations, according to officials with the talent work coordination office.

Those efforts provide continued support for the introduction of top foreign talents and help develop a talent policy and legal system with Chinese characteristics and officials say they are working to improve talent visas and residence standards with better treatment and administrative methods and will push related residence legislation and a more open policy.