Chongqing Vocational College of Transportation (Chongqing)

Chongqing Vocational College of Transportation is located in Shuangfu new District, Jiangjin, Chongqing Municipality. As a private vocational college, it is full of vitality, and as the cooperating organization of Chongqing Transportation University (one of Chinese best universities in transportation), the past few years has witnessed its great
achievements in various aspects. Covering an area of 142 acres, the school now boasts of more than 5000 students, and this number will be increasing quickly in the next half year.


Chongqing Vocational College of Transportation attributes its beautiful campus to the hard work and wisdom of the faculty.
Featuring transportation, now the school has 8 departments: road and bridge, construction, railway, shipping, aviation, automobile, traffic and traffic information. Students come from more than 10 provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities. The school’s education concept is “transportation-oriented, market-oriented, society- oriented.” Based on this, it aims to cultivate students with high quality and high professional qualification.
The school offers advanced facilities for teaching, academic research, students’ training and practice, cultural and sporting activities, and entertainment. Training and practice labs on and off campus, audio-visual classrooms and beautiful campus environment provide favorable conditions and atmosphere for study.

The school maintains that highly efficient faculty with expertise and integrity is the decisive factor to the development and the key to the improvement of teaching quality. By adopting effective personnel and distribution systems, the school has greatly motivated the faculty members. A team of faculty members with integrity and expertise has formed. Experts and educationists all over China have been invited to give suggestions on the strategic development of the school. The school also invited reputed scholars to be honorary experts and consultants for the flourishing of academic teaching and cultural atmosphere.
The school has successfully signed employment agreement with a great many of famous companies and enterprises such as China Railway Group, Chongqing Transportation Group, Lifan Group, Dongfeng Automobile, etc. It lays solid foundation for students’ internship and employment.

The school is actively involved in various social practices, and its fruitful results have gained wide recognition form various organizations of Chongqing and those of the upper level.
The school owns its unique campus culture. The whole campus is alive with various scientific, cultural and sporting activities. Clubs centering on themes like literature, foreign languages, music enrich students’ life and broaden their view.
It is worth mentioning that there is a good English learning atmosphere in this school. For example, English club, which is founded by student associations, has attracted those English lovers to show their English ability and make a real difference in more and more students’ English study. With the support of school leaders and English teachers, English club holds various English activities regularly. Such as English corner, where students can talk in English with total freedom; English parties, where students can fully enjoy interesting English culture; English speech contest, where students can show their speech style and improve their English ability, and so on. In addition, students also attend some English competitions in Chongqing such as National English Writing Competition and English Skills Competition and achieve great results. These honors and prizes not only witness the hard work of these students, but also show the students’ passion for English study and the school’s favorable English learning atmosphere.
What’s more, to further satisfy students’ passion for English learning and improve school’s English teaching condition, the school has employed two American teachers to carry out English oral class. The two foreign teachers give a high appraise to the students English study motivation and make great effort to help improve students’ English speaking ability. All these show that the school has paid much attention to students’ English study and improvement.
Looking back, we feel gratified for the school’s growth and development. Looking to the future, we are full of confidence.

The school is moving forward, from Chongqing, the West, all over China to the world. It is focused on vocational education. By opening to the outside world and absorbing advanced foreign educational resources, the school will expand and deepen exchange and cooperation with colleges and universities in other regions and countries in the future.
The Great plans and high targets of the school are encouraging. Chongqing Vocational College of Transportation will strive forward undauntedly to fulfill its dreams and write a new chapter.


Full-time English teachers needed
Number required: 1-2 posts
Contract Period:  1st Sep,2024 - 15th Jul, 2025
1st Mar,2025 - 31st Jan, 2026

Requirements: BA and TESOL/TEFL; some teaching experience preferred
Monthly Salary: 9000 RMB or above
Teaching Hours: 15 teaching hours per week
Accommodation: a free private apartment will be provided. The apartment includes one bedroom, one living room, one kitchen, one bathroom, air-conditioner, TV set, bed, sofa, fridge and coking utensils; Free internet access and free utilities.
Travel allowance: 1100 RMB per semester
Paid Holidays: 2 days off per week; all public holidays in China; one month pay for winter holiday
Air-ticket reimbursement: The school will reimburse the teacher the cost of round-trip air-tickets on completion of the one school year contract with no more than 8000RMB.