Bashu Secondary school

Chongqing Bashu school was founded in 1933, the founder, is a former Chairman of the national Government in Sichuan province Wang Zuanxu, it is located in the jialing River's Garden, was originally a collection of kindergarten, elementary school, middle school and high school in one of the famous private school. Create initial educator Zhou Xucheng, Jiangsu Huang Yan-Pei's recommendation served as the first principal, Lu Zuo-Fu, Hong heart, He Lu as a Manager, you have set "fair and honest" motto, which means: the selfless, honest, honest without fraud, unadorned. 1950 liberation of new China, taken over by the southwestern military and political Commission, a cadre school in Southwest, Comrade DENG Xiaoping himself indicates "all the same, only good, not bad." 1954 South-West region revoked schools directly managed by Education Bureau of Chongqing, in August 1955, the Sichuan school into three secondary school to replace the 41st school in Chongqing.

1991 changed its name to the BA Shu middle school in Chongqing. Bashu middle school in the new century, schools have a vision advanced, being bent on reform, innovation, thought leadership. In 1998 by then-President Fu Wei Quan made core creative philosophy: education human-oriented, principal instructor for this, teachers in student-oriented. In his view, the implementation of quality education must be the starting point and the end point "person", students must be found, potential, focusing on students ' personality and emotional development, publicity education of human personality. The "people-oriented" not only is the basis for school education, social education, family education is all about. On this basis, in 2010, the school's new leadership also deepened to make training "good ya-Chi" social moral education of excellence —— good roots, James bone, who is the soul. Good governance as a root. Good at heart, Hau Chee Cheng; highest good is like water, Houde jisheng.


Good governance, is the root of the people. James bone. James to, Gao Jie kammie; James moist as jade, ladies and gentleman. Elegance, is the strength of life. Chi is spirit. Chi standing on line, tough sophistication; Chi honghu, mind the world. Log, is the soul of success. Individuality, mining potential, are features of bashu secondary school.

Foster national pride, pride of the descendants of the Dragon, cultivate healthy and sound of human civilization, and culture to be creative, intelligent people are good at learning, develop an international perspective and open people, cultivating the practical man of down-to-Earth, diligent hard work, this is my school's training goals.


Current school pattern for one school district: yellow garden campus, Shandong Luneng in this part of BA-Shu in the schools in the school district, Jinke bashu district, longhu Shu school campus, covers 340 acres, total area 255,601 square meters, is one of the largest secondary schools in the national middle school. Prachuap khiri Khan middle school is Chongqing City Board directly under the focus middle school, Peking University first principals real name recommended system middle school, Tsinghua University first autonomous singles "new Centennial leading plans" recommended qualification middle school, continuous four session WINS China hundred strong middle school, 2011 WINS United States Maryland University selection of China high school 50 strong (23rd name), national modern education technology experiment school, Chinese international promotion school base, national chess high reserve talent training base, CCTV"Best employer", Central People's broadcasting station "of the national euphoria" and "national campus culture Award", the national advanced school of moral education, national advanced school of art education, national Olympic education model school, civilized unit of Chongqing, affecting Chongqing top ten secondary schools of education, educational research and experimental base in Chongqing, model of democratic management of schools in Chongqing. Bashu middle school yellow garden headquarters, located next to the magnificent yellow garden bridge, backed by the foothills of the loquat, face the mighty jialing River, surrounded by rivers, tree into yin, a luxuriant growth of grass, flower seasons. Here, it is nearly million square meters of the national secondary school's largest indoor arena, including gym, 4 basketball courts, 30 tables table tennis, badminton courts, tennis courts, six 100-meter runway; upper floors there were 11,700 square meters of plastic track and field, soccer field, 2 standard basketball court, 3 badminton courts. Has the country's most advanced physical and chemical dedicated laboratory, national high school is the most beautiful library, multimedia room, multi-purpose hall, studios, Office of teaching, academic examination and the monitoring center. Every classroom is equipped with two sets of name brand Cabinet type air conditioner, Ban Bantong audio-visual facilities.


High standard student accommodation, each room has air conditioning, telephone, desk, closet, bathroom shower.


Opened in September 1999 long Hu Shu school campuses, school covers an area of 25 acres, is located in Kowloon, Lake, beautiful style thick, my school high school University of the arts students ' dreams of an independent school district.


Number required: 1 post
Contract Period: 1st Sep,2024 - 15th Jul, 2025
1st Mar,2025 - 31st Jan, 2026

Probation Period: 2 months 

Requirements: Native speaker, BA or above with related major, TESOL/TEFL is preferred; at least 2 years teaching experiences in teaching post 16 students

Monthly Salary: 23000 RMB - 28000 RMB

Teaching hours: 22 classes per week; each class/45-50minutes

Accommodation: Foreign teachers rent apartment by themselves

Welfare: Insurance provided, free meals provided

Paid Holidays: 2 days off per week; all public holidays inChina; paid winter holiday in Jan and Feb

Air-ticket reimbursement: The school will reimburse the teacher the cost of one way airfare on completion of the one school year contract, ≤10000 flight allowance for one academic year; ≤2000 luggage allowance for first flight to China.