Longdong University(Gansu)

Qing Yang City, Gansu Province, China

[One Year Contract Available]

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Qingyang,Gansu Province, China Entrance of the University

Gansu Province

Gansu province has an area of 390,000 km2, and the majority of its land is above 1 km over sea level. It lies between Qingzang, Inner Mongolia

Inner Mongolia (In Mongolian:bür mongghul) is a region of the People's Republic of China which currently consists of the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, with capital Hohhot.

Inner Mongolia is contrasted with Outer Mongolia, which consists of the independent nation of Mongolia. Inner/Outer reflects sinocentric view, derived from Manchu dorgi/tulergi. Mongolean people use North/South (aru/bür) instead. Some Mongolian call it Southern Mongolia in English too. The Huangtu Plateaus, and borders Mongolia This article is about the country. For the region see, Mongolia (region), for the Chinese province, see Inner Mongolia.

Official language: Mongolian
Capital: Ulaanbaatar
Capital's coordinates 47° 55' N, 106° 53' E

The Huang He river passes the southern part of the province.

Part of the Gobi Desert is located in Gansu.

Neighboring provinces: Inner Mongolia, Xinjiang, Qinghai, Sichuan, Shanxi and Ningxia.

Lanzhou / Tianshui / Yumen / Jiayuguan / Dunhuang / Pingliang / Jinchang

Gansu has a large concentration of Hui Chinese.

Within China, Gansu is known for its pulled noodles, and Muslim restaurants which feature authentic Gansu cusine are a common in most major Chinese cities.  

The School

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Number of teachers required: 2

Contract Period: 1st Sep, 2024 - 15th Jul, 2025
                             1st Mar, 2025 - 31st Jan, 2026

Requirements: BA and/or TESOL and some teaching experience preferred

Monthly Salary: RMB 9000-10000

Teaching hours: 14~16 hours per week / two days off per week on Sat & Sun.

Accommodations: Private apartment located to the school premises. private bedroom, kitchen, washroom, living room, balcony, color TV with cable, tape cassette player, air-conditioner, telephone, washing machine, shower, western toilet, gas stove, microwave, cooking utensils (including wok, dishes, cutlery, knives, etc.), 24 hour hot water supply, complete set of quality furniture, free supply of electricity, free supply of gas, free supply of water, free supply of drinking water (mineral water/distilled water), complete supply of bedding (including sheets, blankets, pillows and towels)

Internet access (Free): computer with internet access in the school and the apartment.

Holidays: New Year in January (1 day), Chinese New Year (14 days) and Labor Day in May (3 days), Summer (21days),National day in October (3 days).

Airfare: RMB8,000 for 1-year contract, payable on completion of the contract.

Airport Pick-up Point: Qingyang airport, Gansu Province

Transportation between Airport and School: Offered by the school on arrival & departure

Work Permit: The school will provide work permit for China at no cost to the teacher.

Additional Pertinent Info.:

1) Age of students: Year 1 to 3 (19~22)
2) Class size: 25 ~ 30
3) No. of students in the school: 9,000
4) No. of local teachers in the school: 600 ~ 700
5) No. of foreign teachers in the school: 3
6) Historical or scenic spots near the school: yes