Notice on Updated Requirements for Chinese Visa Application During Covid-19 Pandemic

In light of the latest situation of COVID-19, starting from 24th August, foreign nationals holding valid APEC Business Travel Cards  (Virtual ABTC excepted) or residence permits for study are allowed to enter the Mainland of China with no need to apply for new visas.

The Consular Offices would accept visa applications as follows from today on:

1. Applicants intending to visit the Mainland of China for resumption of operation and production or the long-term work in the aspects of economy, trade, education, science and technology, sports and culture, can apply for M, F or Z visa by submitting the routine documents. 

2. Family members (including spouses, parents, children under the age of 18, parents of spouses, and those adult children and their spouses who can provide sufficient proof of immediate visit) of the above-mentioned applicants can apply for visas with the routine documents. 

3. The scope of applicants eligible for applying for a visa out of humanitarian needs will be expanded as appropriate. In addition to visiting an immediate family member in the Mainland of China who is in critical medical condition and in need of care, or arrange funeral matters of an immediate family member, foreign family members (including spouses, parents, spouse's parents, children and their spouses, brothers and sisters, grandparents, and grandchildren) of Chinese citizens or foreign nationals with permanent residence status in the Mainland of China can apply for visas for reunion or family visit. 

4. Applicants who qualify for crew (C) visas.

5. Applicants who qualify for R visas.

6. Foreign students who intend to go to the Mainland of China for  long-term degree education (over 180 days) can apply for X1 visas with the original "Visa Application for Study in China" (Form JW201 or Form JW202) and the original Admission Letter (for freshman students) or the Back-to-School Admission (for post-freshman year students) issued by a school. Family members intending to live with or visit the above-mentioned students can apply for S1 or S2 visas by submitting the routine documents. 

As a reminder, the visa applications for the short-term study or non-degree education (X2 visa) are not accepted at the moment.

Special Reminders:

1. Applicants are required to fill in a online visa application form and make an appointment through the official website of the Chinese Visa Application and Service Center before submitting application documents on site. Applications without a online visa application form and a valid appointment will NOT be accepted.

2. Applicants for emergency humanitarian reasons who failed to make online appointments are entitled to a green passage. Please contact the Visa Application and Service Center in advance. 

3.Please take necessary pandemic prevention measures on the way and during application.

4.Please apply through the Chinese Visa Application and Service Center and its registered agencies and stay away from illegal agencies who involve in price gouging by exaggerating the difficulty for visa applications.

Thank you for your understanding and support!

We strongly suggest you avoid any unnecessary travel, because the pandemic is still serious outside, no one can guarantee the policy tomorrow will be the same as today. 

On top of the visa, something you better know:

  • Policy changes quickly. Please double confirm with the Chinese Consulate and the China visa center as always.

  • Please avoid any unnecessary travel because the pandemic is still there.

  • You need to have negative PCR nucleic acid test results with 48 hours before your boarding.

  • You need to get a green QR code marked with "HDC" online

  • You need to have 5+3 days quarantine after you arrive China.

Because of the new policy was just implemented, inquiries increase a lot. Please check with us regularly.