Teaching positions at schools in TEDA

Tianjin Association for International Exchange of Personnel (TJAIEP), established in August, 2002, is an association registered by Tianjin Administration Bureau of NGOs. In recent years, TJAIEP has aimed at servicing the government, society and our membership,committed to the improvement of international talent communication and exchange, and supported Tianjin’s economic and social development by expanding communication channels and introducing foreign talents. Our membership is more than 150 as of 2015, and we have closely cooperated with over 300 international student organizations, training institutes and prestigious universities in U.S,Germany ,South Korea and other 47 countries. As an important international talent communication organization in Tianjin, we have already introduced over 1,000 high quality overseas talents for over 200 universities,research institutes and enterprises.
Teachers will be teaching at the schools below,

TEDA International School

Teda International School (TIS) was established in 1994 by the governing body of the Tianjin Economic Development Area to provide world-class education for children residing in the Bin Hai / Teda region. TIS is the first public school in TEDA. Now TIS has formed 'a school three campus' and 'a school two business' running pattern. 'a school three campus' are the main school (China Department), international Department, and Tianjin Jinnan School. 'A school two business' is that China Department runs nine years’ compulsory education and foreign students study the international education. International Department and Tianjin Jinnan School have more than 800 foreign students from 29 different countries and areas and more than 100 foreign teachers. The international class has IB courses, and AP courses and Europe courses, all using original textbook, using purely of Western education teaching mode and management way. The main school (China Department) covering more than 36000 square meters, with a building area of more than 32000 square meters. Since its establishment, till now, the school has about 1260 students and 120 teachers.

TEDA Experimental School

Tianjin TEDA Experimental School was established in 2012, Located on No. 99 Fada Street, TEDA, Tianjin. Since its establishment, till now, the school has about 855 students, including grade one to grade four. The total teachers’ number is 59, including 30 masters. The number of the classroom is 48, including 16 dedicated classrooms, such as 2 writing classrooms, 1 drawing classroom, 2 musical classrooms, 2 piano classrooms, 1 dancing classroom, 1 computer classroom, 1 science classroom, and 1 microteaching classroom. Every classroom has a multimedia system, including one computer and an electronic whiteboard. The school motto is “Love others the same as love myself, every form of beauty has its uniqueness”. The spirit of teaching is “Treat students as my own children, pursuit of excellence”. Tianjin TEDA Experimental School aims to implement quality education for the full development of all students to give them the skills required to face the modern, the world and the future, motivating with innovation and creativity.

TEDA No.1 Primary School

Teda No.1 Primary School is a government-owned, non- profit, nonsectarian, coeducational day school founded in 1997 to provide grade 1 to grade 5 educational program for students of all nationalities residing in the Tianjin Economic Development Area (TEDA). The campus is comprised of 35 classrooms. And the number of the students is 1450, the number of the teaching and administrative staff is 102. The motto of the school is 'honest and wise'. The school is try its beat to form a harmonious campus culture and promote the school's overall improvement.

TEDA No.1 Middle School
Tianjin TEDA No.1 Middle School was established in September 1997, covering more than 50000 square meters, with a building area of more than 30000 square meters. The school is equipped with physics, biology and chemistry labs conforming to the international standard, multi-purpose classrooms, a library, an art hall, a gymnasium and 400-meter annular athletic tracks as well as the school TV. The school adheres to the principle of “honesty and erudition”, targets at “training students to be international talents who acquire strong basic skills, form good behavioral habits, grasp an excellent ability of self-expression and creativity, master modern information technology and take in the best of both eastern and western education in the 21th century”. Since its establishment, till now, the school has about 1800 students, 48 classes, 175 faculty members and 7 special-grade senior teachers.

TEDA No.2 Primary School
Tianjin TEDA No.2 Primary School was established in 2006, covering more than 30000 square meters. The school is equipped with drawing classroom, musical classrooms, dancing classroom, computer classroom, science classroom, and microteaching classrooms conforming to the international standard. Since its establishment, till now, the school has about 1300 students, 35 classes, and 92 teachers. The teacher’s team is full of passion of learning, teaching, researching and creating. The school has established lively, diverse school-based curriculum, and creativity-oriented programs.

TEDA No.2 Middle School

Tianjin TEDA No.2 Middle School was established in 2004, covering more than 60000 square meters, with a building area of more than 32000 square meters. The campus’ planning and design is reasonable, clean and beautiful. There are different functional facilities, such as the physics, chemistry, biological laboratories, online classrooms and a large indoor arena, dedicated music and art room. The school provides favorable conditions for the full development of the personality of students.

English teaching positions: 6-7

Position Requirements:  
- Native English Speaker or close to, from the US, UK, Australia, Canada, New Zealand and others  
- bachelor's degree or above
- TESOL /TEFL certificate is highly recommended. (if not you can take participate the training and examination of TESOL in Tianjin)
- Energetic Individuals  
- Experience preferred but not required  
Required Documentation:  
- Current Resume, Stating your Nationality of origin  
- Copy of the ID page of your valid passport  
- Copy of your highest degree and other qualifications  
- Current Photo  
- References with contact information  

Typical Responsibility (variable by location): 
1. Work schedule will be from Monday to Friday  
2. 18~23 classes per week, each class lasting 45 mins; 15 office hours per week
3. September through December, and March through June terms, with possibilities to teach during semester breaks 
4. Arrival in Tianjin two weeks prior to the term commencement for this time you will have a one week’s orientation free of charge.. 

Salary: RMB8,000 - RMB12,000

Contract Period: 1st Sep, 2017 - 15th Jul, 2018

Paid overtime for teaching 
• Paid Annual Leave 
• One-year Z working visa 
• Accident Insurance 
• 12 months contract 

• Free private accommodation