International School Positions

English teachers and Subject teachers needed
China has a wide range of international schools with an excellent reputation. Expats can choose from different curricula such as British or American curricula. This is a good choice for expats who move their children around a lot or who value an international atmosphere. But no matter which type of curriculum they finally decide on, they need to keep the financial aspects in their mind. International schools in China are rather expensive with tuition.
Beijing Royal School (Beijing)
Primary School (Grade1-6)
ESL Teacher, Home-room Teacher, Dance Teacher, P.E. Teacher, Art Teacher, Science Teacher, IB Teacher, IB Subject Teacher
Middle School (Grade7-9)
Oral English Teacher, Music Teacher, P.E. Teacher, Art Teacher, Science Teacher, IB Subject Teacher
High School (Grade10-12)
Language Courses: Oral English, General English, Pre AP English, TOEFL Prep, IELTS Prep, SAT Prep, College & Academic Writing.
Subject, IB Subjects and AP (Honor)/A-Level Courses: Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Economics, World History, European History, Business, Accounting, Environmental Science, Psychology, Computer Science, Human Geography, Art History.

Maple Leaf Schools
Dalian; Tianjin; Chongqing; Shanghai; Zhenjiang; Wuhan; Yiwu; Ordos; Xi’an

Shenzhen Yaohua Experimental School(Shenzhen)

Shenzhen Educational Science Institute Futian Experimental School(Shenzhen)

Dahua Training Centre (Huizhou,Guangdong province)
Sino-Canada High School Porgram (Hefei,Anhui province;Zibo,Shandong province)

Fuzhou Lakeside International School